You need to lift a considerable weight with lifting equipment and want to be sure that your hooks are strong enough not to break? Our lifting, hooks, chains, and cables department is the one you are looking for!

Les Fournitures Industrielles Mega is more than just a hardware store. We are a major distributor of industrial parts, products, and articles that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We rely on an inventory counting more than 30,000 distinct parts; we surely will be able to find the exact piece you need! Whether you work in the agricultural sector, the industrial sector, the mechanical sector or the construction sector, our experts have the expertise to advise you properly on the parts you need. We work hard to meet all the requirements of our customers while offering an unparalleled delivery service.

Our lifting, hooks, chains, and cables department is divided into three sections to facilitate your research. You still can not find the adequate part? Contact our team of experts and they will take care of finding your specific part. Take advantage of our time and expertise to ask for tips and advice; you will see, we are the experts in industrial supplies and you will greatly benefit from the best expertise on the market!

Parts in-stock:
· Oblong rings
· D-rings to weld
· Oval rings
· Stop rings
· Carabiners
· Eyebolts
· Eye nuts
· Eye screws

Lifting and hooks articles in-stock:
· Pods
· Hook grade 40-70-80-100
· Quick link clamps
· Swivels
· Shackles:
· Rolled meshes
· Connection links
· Double clevis links
· Pear links
· Tensioners:
-Locking hangers
-Ratchet expander
· Articulated lifting rings
· Lifting arm

Chains and cables articles in-stock:
· Cables:
-Galvanized steel
-Stainless steel
-Coated steel
· Bungees
· Chain slings
· Synthetic slings
· Chain hoists
· Lever hoists

In addition to our lifting, hooks, chains, and cables department, take the time to consult our abrasive department, but more specifically our Body Protection and Anti-Fall Protection sections to complete your shopping. Make sure you are protected and safe from head to toe.