Did you know that bolts are actually an assembly between a nut and a screw? Often used incorrectly as one of the two parts, the bolts are actually made of a nut of various size and a threaded screw. The bolts are used to create a rigid but removable link between two pieces they cross. They allow clamping between two parts to hold them together and still, despite external conditions such as vibration, temperature changes, etc. Bolts may be available in a variety of materials. At Mega Industrial Supplies, we have a selection of bolts in zinc, yellow or black zinc, stainless steel, brass, regular or galvanized aluminum and nylon. Depending on the needs in terms of strength and the need for the weather conditions to which the bolts will be exposed, the choice of material becomes important. We offer a wide range of bolts with thick threads, fine threads or threaded along the entire length. Tell us what you need and we will find you the perfect room.


Type de nut

Hexagonal, cylindrique, ronde, carrosserie, à embase, élévateur, carré, charrue, lame, plate, structure, goujon, goujon nelson, à épaulement



2-5-8-L9-A325 | 4.6-8.8-10.9-12.9 | 304-316-A2


The nut is one of two parts of a bolt. Mostly hexagonal, the nut is the part with a threaded hole in the center. This is the piece that is rotated around the central screw to solidify and bind two pieces together. Mega Industrial Supplies has an extensive inventory of nuts of various shapes and uses, as well as being offered in a variety of materials. We have zinc, yellow zinc, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, galvanized and nylon nuts.


The screw is the second element needed for the bolt assembly; that is to say, it is complementary and dependent on the nut. The screw can have different length, diameter and thread type. This part is also available in several types of materials: zinc, black zinc, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, ruspro or nylon.


Pucks are small, mostly flat discs that are sometimes used between the nut and the screw. They are mainly used to support the pressure of a screw. They can be made of zinc, yellow or black zinc, stainless steel, brass, regular or galvanized aluminum, rubber or nylon.


There are different types of rods: drill rods and threaded rods. In the first case, the rods are not filleted and cylindrical shapes, variable size mainly made of steel. In the second case, the rods are elements used for the assembly and the fixing of two parts permanently or to the suspension of material They offer a range of size 5/32 to 2 inches of diameter. They can be made of zinc, yellow or black zinc, stainless steel, nylon or galvanized or regular aluminum.