Aerosol products can become a danger if you don’t know how to use them. And for good reason: these products are often flammable and can even explode if subjected to temperatures or favorable conditions. After all, they are cylinders filled with gas, and therefore, can burst out at any moment if they are left at too high temperatures. This could cause considerable material and costly damages while increasing the risk of an accident and injury.

At Les Fournitures Industrielles Mega, we offer safe and effective aerosol products for all your needs and tasks. We have divided our aerosol product department between lubricants and paint. This way you will be able to find the product you need more easily.

Do you have any other questions or would you like some pieces of advice on the use of this or that product? Don’t be shy! Our experts are not called experts for anything! You can contact them at any time to benefit from their expertise and knowledge about industrial supplies. They will be happy to provide you with advice and recommendations perfectly suited to your products, your needs and the use you intend to make.
Aerosol items in stock:
· Penetrating
· Antigrappage
· Multifunction
· All-purpose
· Lithium
· Molybdenum
· Graphite
· Food
· Waxy
· Chopped off
· Dry
Aerosol items in stock
· Primer
· Painting
· Marking paint
· Solvent inverted paint

Supplier: Sprayon, Metaflux

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