At Les Fournitures Industrielles Mega, we are the proud owners of a store offering more than 30,000 products to its customers. Tell us what you need and we will get you the product you are looking for.

Our abrasive department is divided into several categories to simplify your search. You’ll find the exact product you need at the snap of a finger!

For any other questions, advice or recommendations, don’t hesitate in contacting our team of experts from Les Fournitures Industrielles Mega. We are there for you.
Grindstones in-stock:
· Cut-off wheels
· Grinding wheels (effective for steel, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete)
Sandblasting articles in-stock:
· Custom belts
· Slat disk
· Sticker disc
· Velcro
· Leaf wheel
· Workshop rolls (grit 24 to 1000)
Aluminum oxide, zirconium, ceramic, silicon carbide, scotch brite.
For professional polishing, rely on abrasive products of irreproachable quality. Check out our inventory of polishing items to find what’s right for your job.

Polishing articles in-stock:
· EZ-strip
· Disc 2-3-6 ”,
· Cotton wheel,
· Scotch-brite type: coarse-medium fine in rolls,
· Handstamp
· Belt,
· White, brown, tan, black, green, blue, red, gray dough.

· VSM Abrasives
· Camel Grinding Wheel
· Flexovit
· Walter
Body Protection
In order to ensure your health and safety at work, Les Fournitures Industrielles Mega puts on a complete inventory of body protection items. Whether it’s glasses, earplugs or gloves that are suitable for work in the factory and on the job site, we have the article you need.

Body protection items in-stock:
· Glasses
· Eyewash
· Visor
· Helmets
· Shells
· Earplugs
· Anti-cut gloves
· Soldering gloves
· Cotton gloves
· Nitrile gloves
· Thermal winter gloves
· Jackets
· Masks
· Cartridges
· First aid kit
Anti-fall protection
If you work at height, it’s essential that you rely on safe anti-fall protection equipment. Designed to hold you in the event of a fall, we have a range of products that could save your life.

Anti-fall protection products in-store:
· Harness
· Lifeline
· Energy absorber
· Anchoring
· Furler
· Slider
· Roofer’s kit
Do you need markings to make your job site more visible and well-defined? We have several types of padlocks, cones and safety gates to protect your job site.

In-store markings:
· Padlock
· Cones
· Barriers and security fences
· Safety tape
· Alley ribbon
· Illuminated signs
· Spill kit

· 3M
· North
· Degil.